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Top Mobile App Development Companies: How to Choose the Best One?
06 DEC 2022

The mobile app development market is rather competitive nowadays. For example, only on Clutch, there are over 26,000 mobile app development companies. That’s why some businesses may get confused when choosing the most suitable and reliable mobile app development company among numerous offers.

Top mobile app development company: the number of firms on Clutch

The total number of mobile app development companies on Clutch.co

It’s also logical that the companies wish to get a high-quality development product and make the most efficient use of their budget, too.

In this article, we’re going to observe the top mobile app development companies and compare them in terms of mobile app development services provided and the cost of development products. Let’s start! 😉

The list of top mobile app development companies

Here is the basic info about the IT vendors: the name, number of employees, average hourly rate, and minimum project size. 

✔️ Brivian. Number of employees: 50 – 249. Average hourly rate: $50 – $99 per hour. Minimum project size: $10,000+.

✔️ You are launched. Number of employees: 10 – 49. Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 per hour. Minimum project size: $25,000+.

✔️ Designli. Number of employees: 10 – 49. Average hourly rate: $100 – $149 per hour. Minimum project size: $10,000+.

✔️ WDI. Number of employees: 50 – 249. Average hourly rate: up to $25 per hour. Minimum project size: $25,000+.

✔️ CreateThrive. Number of employees: 10 – 49. Average hourly rate: $50 – $99 per hour. Minimum project size: $10,000+.

✔️ Wolfpack Digital. Number of employees: 50 – 249. Average hourly rate: $50 – $99 per hour. Minimum project size: $25,000+.

✔️ NERDZ LAB. Number of employees: 50 – 249. Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 per hour. Minimum project size: $10,000+.

✔️ Specno. Number of employees: 10 – 49. Average hourly rate: $50 – $99 per hour. Minimum project size: $5,000+.

✔️ APPLIFY. Number of employees: 50 – 249. Average hourly rate: $25 – $49 per hour. Minimum project size: $10,000+.

What can this data above help with? 

Firstly, the number of employees. In case a mobile app development company has too few employees, it can result in development timing. For example, if something happens with a certain specialist and he cannot perform the work for a while, sometimes, there is no one to change him. Thus, enough employees in a development team ensure a non-stop development process and optimization of time costs.

Secondly, the average hourly rate and minimum project size are useful when approximately counting the development budget. Nevertheless, all the details are specific, and the exact cost of the development needed depends on the project specifications.

Thirdly, in some cases, a very low price for the whole project development can lead to poor product quality. So, in such cases, we would double-check the info about a company’s reliability.

❗️ If you’d like to get info about the cost of your project, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or just click here, and our managers will contact you and explain all the details.

According to the info above, we can see that some mobile app development companies have the same numbers in team size and in average development costs. That’s why we’ll take a look at such details as mobile app development services.

Review of mobile app development market leaders’ services

◼️ Brivian The range of the services Brivian provides is rather wide: mobile development, web development, computer vision, IT audit, IT consulting, cybersecurity, DevOps.

The company develops both native and cross-platform applications.

The specialists here build and design various solutions for businesses of different sizes.

Computer vision service aims to gather representative data and integrate the technology into a system.

IT audit normally involves the full review of a product to determine weak spots and find the solutions to them.

IT consulting is a service for companies that want to build a new product or have issues with their ready-made solutions.

Cybersecurity implies building ecosystems of solutions for monitoring, detecting, and preventing threats to protect the IT infrastructure of a business.

DevOps allows businesses to make updates and version releases of their app faster.

The minimal development timing is 3 months. 

◼️ You are launched

According to the services presented on the website, the company provides mobile app and web development.

The specific thing here is that the company provides different packages of services according to the development stages. It’s rather comfortable for a business having clear goals and requirements for the development project.

◼️ Designli

The company provides web and mobile app development services.

They also offer UI/UX design as a separate one. It can be comfortable when a company doesn’t need all the development stages. E.g., when a business has already done all the previous actions.

◼️ WDI

This company also suggests mobile app and web development services. Another one here is SEO services (digital marketing). The service is useful when a business, for example, has already developed a product (let it be a website) and needs to improve it aiming to get more popular in searching Internet systems. 

◼️ CreateThrive

Here, we can find 4 main services: mobile app development, web development, staff augmentation, and UI/UX design.

Here, the specialists also provide the design as a separate service. We’ve already mentioned when it can be comfortable above – talking about Designli.

What about staff augmentation, it’s an outsourcing strategy of including in the development process specialists needed. It’s a very comfortable service as it makes development more flexible due to adding necessary staff according to the business requirements (of course, only if needed). We’ll give some more detailed explanations about this service below the list of companies.

◼️ Wolfpack Digital

The suggested range of services: business strategy and product definition, web development, mobile app development, design, testing, and support.

Thus, the company suggests all the stages of development: from the very beginning – strategy and defining the product idea to the post-development one – support.


The company provides product design, mobile app and web development services.

The list of services here is similar to the companies we’ve already observed: Designli and CreateThrive.

◼️ Specno

The specialists here offer to validate a product, design an app, develop an app, and redesign a product.

Thus, the services set here is quite standard but includes all the necessary stages of the full development cycle.


Here, we can find mobile app, web, and next-gen tech development. The last one involves blockchain and NFT solution development.

Blockchain Solutions let a business get access to blockchain networks.

NFT Development implies creating and launching the digital assets a business needs.

Actually, it’s impossible to find any info about development timing on the websites of the most mentioned companies, and it’s rather easy to explain: every idea for a development project is unique, thus, timing can vary a lot because of a certain business’s requirements and needs.

All of the mobile app development companies have rather impressive feedback and reviews on different sources, so with no doubt, all of them are worth attention.

As we’ve promised above, let us give some important details about staff augmentation.

The benefits of staff augmentation for a business: 3 reasons to use the service when developing

Reason 1. Productivity increasing ✔️

Staff augmentation is when only specialized personnel get hired into the development team of a particular product. So, every specialist puts their focus on specific tasks. That allows a business to reach the set goals and meet the deadlines. In other cases, it happens that some specialists get pulled in several directions (for instance, in the case of regular staff of a company). Thus, the concentration of all the team members matters a lot.

Reason 2. The opportunity to make changes and grow ✔️

Hiring a full-time team doesn’t give business flexibility, but staff augmentation does. For instance, if a company considers scaling its project, product, or operations, hiring temporary specialists lets them test the idea and minimize the risks at the same time.

Staff augmentation lets small businesses hire development engineers on a project-by-project basis. That allows them to optimize the financial costs.

Reason 3. Making the development affordable ✔️

Usually, hiring a full-time team demands rather high financial costs. Moreover, in most cases a company needs specific members to perform a task or even a set of tasks. Thus, a business can hire certain specialists to do them with help of this service and save the budget by not including the extra ones.

How much is staff augmentation? It depends on several factors such as hourly rates, for example. Usually, the cost is less than hiring a full-time workforce.

Besides staff augmentation, there are some more options. Let’s take a brief look at them. 🙂  

Extra alternatives to manage your team

As we’ve mentioned above, staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy. So, outsourcing is also a reasonable alternative for organizing a development team.

The only difference is that outsourcing implies hiring a wider range of specialists. So, the idea to outsource business processes is worth attention when different developers are needed (for example, analysts, designers, QA, and others), while staff augmentation is mostly about adding engineers to the processes. In case you’d like to know a more detailed answer to the question “What is the cost of outsourcing app development based on?”, check our explanation here.

Another alternative is outstaffing. The unique thing about this way is that the business using it has full control of the whole development process.

Top mobile app development companies and their services of outsourcing, staff augmentation, and outstaffing.

Save the budget of your business with outsourcing, staff augmentation, or outstaffing.

❗️ If you have any questions about hiring specialists for the development of your project, just fill out the form at the end of this article, and our managers will contact you within 24 hours. 😉 You can also click here for that.

So, let’s get back to our main topic! We’ve observed the top development companies, but the question about a company that suits your needs best is still open, right? Let us figure it out.

What to consider when choosing a mobile app development company?

When choosing a mobile app development services supplier we would prefer to pay attention to the items below.
  • The number of employees
This info may ensure the timing will be met as much as possible. It’s due to enough specialists to change each other if it’s necessary (in case something happens with one, for example).
  • Matching the business’s budget with the service cost
If the budget is $7,000, there’s no sense in making a request to an IT vendor with a minimal project size of $25,000.
  • Matching the services provided and the needs and requirements of the business
If a business aims to develop a blockchain wallet, for example, with no doubts it’s useful to check if the development company provides exactly this service and if the team has any expertise exactly in this sphere.

Thus, we’ve reviewed the key points of the topic. In conclusion, let’s make it clear – what the benefits of hiring one top mobile app development agency exactly are.

Why is it worth hiring a mobile app development agency? 5 pros

➕ Focus

In the case of hiring a mobile app development agency, the team gets concentrated on the work. While the business’s own staff is busy with usual tasks. Setting an extra task for development can overload the personnel.

Thus, hiring specialists is more efficient and lets a business save time, as developers do their best to complete the set task.

➕ Qualifications and experience

By hiring a team of qualified developers a business gets specialists with the full set of necessary skills for prototyping and designing the needed app. Moreover, in a development team, all the pros work together, thus, all the processes are agreed upon and implemented in the proper way.

➕ Control of the processes

IT vendors normally define a project manager for the planned development. This specialist doesn’t only supervise the processes but also connects stakeholders in communication. The key aim of a project manager to meet all the requirements of the business.

➕ Care of the business’s budget

Most app development companies suggest special payment plans to be comfortable even for a startup. In addition, development companies don’t normally charge for the used equipment and software. Plus, IT vendors perform planning all the details, including the budget of the project.

➕ Round-the-clock support

This service of development companies ensures that timing costs for the development will be optimized at the highest possible level.



At Brivian, we are ready to help you with developing the idea you have. In case your business or startup aims to build up some application, web service, or even a specific product, just fill out the form below. Our team provides the full set of services, including outsourcing and outstaffing. We can arrange a package of services according to the specific requirements of your business. Our aim is to make your idea real, and we have all the necessary development tools for that!

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