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How Long Does It Take to Build an App in Brivian: Detailed Timing Guide
16 JUN 2023

How long can app development last? According to the experience of our team, the mobile app development timeline starts from 3 months. The assessment and exact calculation are always individual and depend on the exact wishes and goals of the customer or the company. In this article, we will reveal in more detail what the final term and cost of mobile app development are made up of.

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The items in the article.

  • Why do businesses develop apps?
  • A case when a startup succeeded in the application launch.
  • Application development market: numbers & forecast.
  • How to calculate the presale cost of a specific app development idea?
  • What stages of development are? And how long does each of them take?
  • Development timing and price for app development in Brivian.

First, we would like to highlight the reasons why a company can get its own developed app launched.

Why do businesses develop apps?

🔴 To get the audience engagement growth

If a person has a convenient tool configured specifically for him, then he is unlikely to want to change it for something. A loyalty program, personalized content, discounts, and gifts, available only in applications, attract the user.

To support our statement above, let’s look at a brief example from the Ikea company.

Their app Place gives the opportunity to their users to check if some Ikea furniture fits their interior: they take a photo of some place, download it to the app, and add a scanned picture of the wanted piece of furniture from a catalog.

That definitely increases the involvement of customers, as they can visit some Ikea stores with a preliminary understanding of the product.

In this case the app development has resulted in increasing the comfort level while shopping for furniture, improving the purchasing processes, increasing the level of loyalty, activity of its customers, and a sales increase as a consequence.

How long does it take to build an app? An example of an application for a furniture shop.

The example of Place app from Ikea.

🔴 To get sales growth

Nowadays, most people are with their smartphones in their hands almost all day long. Let’s look at the example in Nike.

The famous sportswear brand launched several apps. The first one is a fitness app. It’s free, offers guided workouts, and encourages users to buy goods from the brand. The second launched application is the Nike App. It gives personalized access to the goods. It also gives different special offers and benefits to the users.

 How long does it take to build up an app? Benefits from app development for a business.

The Nike App and its functions.

In general, Nike planned and performed a lot of strategic moves connected with app launch. For several years, the main purpose of that was the growth of their direct to consumer business. The development of mobile apps was the central cause of that growth. If we take a look at the numbers, according to the second quarter of fiscal 2020, the company reported the growth of its digital business at 38%; and the primary contributors to it got SNKRS apps with the main goal of selling sneakers.

The examples above show the benefits established on the market companies got. What about startups? Do they have any chances to be successful now? Of course, they do! Without any doubts, the idea should be creative and well-planned. Further, let’s look through a very engaging case with app development for a startup.

A case when a startup succeeded in the application launch

Actually, there are rather many interesting cases with startup launches that got spread and popular. For instance: Instagram, Snapchat, Airbnb, etc. Today, we suggest paying attention to a vivid example: the Uber app launch and its story of development. In fact, it went over the way from the most feared startup to its massive IPO. It was founded in 2009 and made a splash in San Francisco giving its users the opportunity to order a taxi with a smartphone. According to the data from Statista, we can see that the growth of net revenue has been rather stable. 

How Long Does It Take to Build an App? An example of a successful startup app launch.

The growth of revenue in Uber.

With no doubts, the way of success wasn’t super easy, but the numbers are impressive and rather clearly showing that it’s worth spending the necessary resources: time, efforts, and money for the launch of a startup application.

Thus, from the examples observed, we can see that the development of an application can make an established business both much more demanded and profitable. Moreover, application creation helps startup launches to succeed.

Now, let’s take a look at some statistics to recheck if it could be a good decision to start developing applications according to the market assessment.

Application development market: numbers & forecast

As researchers predict, the market of application development is going to continue getting wider and larger in the future years. It means there are still a lot of opportunities in app development for existing and new companies.

How long does it take to build an app? Application market revenue

Changes in revenue of app development worldwide from Statista.

Here, we would like to conclude that the development of an application is a promising sphere for investments, startups, and expanding business.

In the further part, we would like to explain the presale cost calculations for app development.

How to calculate the presale cost of a specific app development idea?

First, let’s check what the presale cost calculation is. The presales cost calculation appeared because of the complexity of valuing a technological product. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an off-the-shelf system or custom software.

Presales consultants’ direct obligation from their IT vendor’s company is communicating with the client to get all the needed details of their wishes and expectations before signing a contract. This process helps ensure that the suggested IT solution meets all the set goals and tasks.

This process is vital for providing productive cooperation between the sides further. Now, we’re going to explain the basic information about calculating itself.

In general, the cost of app development is closely related to its stages. First, it’s necessary to do the planning, then UX / UI design, development, and testing of the application. The app release on the App Store and (or) Google Play closes the process.

How long does it take to build an app? 4 stages of app development

The app development stages.

To explain more about the connection between cost and stages, we’re going to talk more about the steps and their terms further.

What stages of development are? And how long does each of them take?

⚫️ Planning and its timing

This is the first and most important step of the process: a company tells a development manager what they want in detail, what the app is going to be for, and how it should work. After carefully listening to all the wishes for the future product, the manager returns to the team of developers, testers, designers and discusses individual parts of the work and the timeline with each of them.

Then the manager prepares an estimate and presents it to the company. It shows the cost and duration of the project work. It also includes risks, as the cost and timeline can change during the work. For instance, the terms can get shorter and the cost can get less in case the specialists manage with some tasks faster than expected.

Thus, at the beginning, the team of developers in Brivian does the presale evaluation of the work. After its presentation, the team does a detailed evaluation and starts working on the next stage.

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Stage period: from 1 week up to several weeks.

At this stage, the deadlines may increase (up to 8 weeks sometimes) because of the complexity of the project and business processes in the company.

⚫️ UX / UI Design and its timeline

When all the needed information is ready, the developers start prototyping. That is a functional model of the main screens of the future app. With the help of such a model, the development team can show the basic version of the future product. The company that is the app development customer can add new features at this step in case it’s necessary.

At this step, designers also choose a suitable color scheme, develop a corporate identity for the mobile app, form the look of all product elements considering the peculiarities of users’ perception. The development team negotiates the conception with the company in advance to edit and add needed features in time.

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Stage period: 4-6 weeks.

⚫️ Development & Testing + the time needed

This is the main and longest stage of the development work. The team creates a future mobile application: writes the code and tests it at the same time, implements all the features needed for operating, and attaches third-party services. Because of the testing at the same time, the Brivian team has the opportunity to do necessary corrections fast. That is an important advantage of our team work, as the bug-fix deployment can take most developers a rather long time. The data from Statista make the fact evident.

How long does it take to build an app? Speed of bug-fix deployment

Speed of bug-fix deployment during software development worldwide.

The mentioned approach of development and testing at the same time is very comfortable, as the team is able to change something or add a new idea to the product according to the wishes of the company. 

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Stage period: from 3 months.

⚫️Release & Support + the timeline

This stage involves the posting of the ready application into the stores (Apple Store and Google Play). The team of Brivian considers all the requirements of the stores and downloads the product on the platform with the client’s account. The specialists take into account what the platform demands in advance and follow the requirements when developing. After that, the product gets checked. The process takes from 3 to 7 days. The exact timeline depends on the platform. When the check is completed, the app appears in the store in a couple of days. In case any errors spring up, the application gets returned with the list of comments.

When the app has been checked successfully it gets released. The Brivian team is ready to accompany and refine the product, to finalize existing features and add new ones according to the business tasks of the app and users’ reviews and feedback.

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Stage period: up to 1 month.

Thus, we’ve observed the stages with timelines above. The scheme below summarizes the key details.

How long does it take to build an app? App development stages and their timelines

App development stages and the average timelines.

Development timing and price for app development in Brivian

🔴 To summarize all the information above, the average timing for MVP (basic functionality) development is 3 months for a cross platform. For a native development, it is from 3 to 5 months. When the plan is to make a large-scale complex app, the timing can increase.

🔴 Brivian develops cross platforms with the React Native framework. It is based on JavaScript and lets us make one app for both Android and iOS at once. This variant is suitable for saving budget and fast product release to the market.

🔴 Native development is a more complicated process. Here two teams participate in the work at the same time. Here the specialists use Swift to make the work on iOS and Kotlin to launch it on Android. This way is the best option when the product implies a perfect work of all native functions and/or scaling the project in the future.

🔴 The average cost of an app development is $40,000-$60,000.

🔴 The Brivian team has been developing apps for a long time (8 years) and can help in creating a high-quality product for a business of any level.

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To get information about the timeline and cost of a wished application, fill in the form either at the bottom of the page or here. The managers will contact you and explain all the details about the steps, timing, and cost needed to perform the project.

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