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Outsourced Front-end Development Services: an Effective Way to Develop an IT Project
16 NOV 2023

Front-end development is vital in creating modern mobile and web applications, websites, and other IT products because it provides easy use, attractive design, and flawless functionality. Companies understand that attracting and retaining users depends on the quality of visuals and user experience. That is why front-end developers are sought-after specialists in the IT industry. The data from Indeed below supports this point. Relying on in-house front-end development becomes a compelling task for many companies, especially if a business wants to ensure a professional quality development level and efficiency. In such cases, outsourced front-end development services becomes an attractive way for IT project development.

As you can see below, front-end developer services rank 2nd among other development specialists.

Demand for the services of front-end developers. In this article, we will talk about the importance of front-end development in the modern world, and also look at the advantages and efficiency of outsourcing this service.



  • Advantages of high-quality front-end software.
  • 5 successful examples of IT projects with high-quality front-end development.
  • Basic front-end development technology stack.
  • What is front-end development outsourcing?
  • 3 benefits of outsourcing front-end development.
  • About Us.
  • Outsourced front-end development services.
  • Our Frontend Developer Stack and Levels.
  • Benefits of working with us.
  • The process of cooperation with us.
  • Communication is a work in progress.
  • Formats of cooperation and agreements.
  • Contracts and legal aspects.
  • The most important.

Let’s start in order. 🙂

Advantages of high-quality front-end software

A high-quality front-end piece of software has a number of advantages that can significantly affect the project success.

1. Improved user experience

A high-quality front end gives the product an attractive design, intuitive navigation and smooth interaction, which increases user satisfaction. Users expect a user-friendly and attractive interface; and the quality front end will help meet these expectations.

2. Increasing the level of trust

When a user encounters a professional and well-executed front end, it helps create a positive impression of the company and its product. High-quality design and functionality of interaction create the impression of reliability and professionalism.

3. Improving competitiveness

In today’s digital world, users have a wide choice of similar products and services. A high-quality front-end part can be a key factor differentiating your product from competitors. An attractive and easy-to-use interface can be an advantage and increase the competitiveness of your product.

4. Availability

Quality front-end development pays attention to accessibility, that is, the ease of the product use for all users, including those with disabilities or special needs. Smart work with hardware and software capabilities and compliance with modern accessibility standards can expand the audience of users and make the product more inclusive.

5. Increased work efficiency

A high-quality front end focuses on optimizing the processes of user interaction with the product. Intuitive controls and ease of use help users achieve their goals faster and reduce errors. This, in turn, improves user efficiency.

6. Ease of maintenance and expansion

A well-designed front-end part has a modular structure. That facilitates the product maintenance and expansion in the future. The flexibility and scalability of the code base allows you to make changes effectively and add new functionality at minimal cost.

Let’s move from ‘just words’ closer to action! 🙂

5 successful examples of IT projects with high-quality front-end development

Many companies have achieved significant success thanks to high-quality front-end development of their websites, applications or programs. So – 5 examples:

1. Airbnb

Airbnb offers an online home rental platform, and their web application has an excellent user interface and harmonious design. High-quality front-end development allows users to search and book accommodation worldwide easily.

Front end of Airbnb web site

2. Spotify

Spotify is a popular music streaming service based on web and mobile applications. Their design and thoughtful front-end development ensure smooth and convenient music playback, creation of playlists and customization of user preferences.

Front end of Spotify service

3. Slack

Slack is a communication and collaboration platform. Their web and mobile apps offer a user-friendly and intuitive user experience implemented with quality front-end development, making teamwork more efficient and convenient.

Front end of Slack app

4. Uber

Uber is a global taxi and ride-hailing company. Their web and mobile app have a simple, intuitive and fast interface, enabling communication between drivers and passengers, as well as a convenient booking and payment system.

Front end of mobile app Uber

5. The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the world’s leading publishers. Their website offers a rich, intuitive, and responsive user interface that makes reading news and navigating different site sections easy.

Front end of The New York Times web service As we can see, a properly designed front end is an important factor in meeting user needs and ensuring success in the market.

Basic front-end development technology stack

A front-end development technology stack is a set of core tools and technologies that are used to create the user interface of web applications and websites. Here are some of the main technologies and tools that front-end developers typically use:
  1. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard markup language used to create the structure and content of web pages. It defines elements and their relationships, which allows browsers to  interpret the page correctly.
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style language used to define the appearance and formatting of web pages. CSS allows you to specify colors, fonts, sizes, and placement of elements on a page.
  3. JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to interact with the user and control the behavior of a web page. It adds dynamic functionality such as animation, event handling, form validation, and server interaction.
  4. Libraries and frameworks – there are many libraries and frameworks that make front-end development easier. Some of the popular ones include React, Angular and Vue.js. They offer pre-built components, state management, routing, and other useful features for developers.
  5. CSS preprocessors – such as Sass and Less provide additional functionality for CSS, such as variables, mixins, and nested rules. They simplify the process of writing and organizing styles.
  6. Build and automation tools – such as WebPack, Gulp and Grunt help automate various tasks in the development process, including code compilation, resource optimization and dependency management.
  7. Testing Frameworks – Front-end developers use tools like Jest or Mocha to create and run tests to check the quality and functionality of the code.
Each tool and technology has its own advantages and applications. For example, React focuses on creating components and managing application state, Angular offers a full-fledged framework with rich capabilities, and Vue.js combines ease of use and performance. At the same time, build and automation tools make it easier to develop and maintain projects, and CSS preprocessors allow you to work with styles more flexibly and efficiently. By combining these tools into a front-end development stack, developers can create modern and functional web applications, websites, and other software.

Not all companies have a development department on staff, but this does not prevent them from creating their own applications or programs. Therefore – the next point. 🙂

What is front-end development outsourcing?

Outsourcing front-end development is delegating the user interface and user interaction development of a web application or other software to a third party specializing in this area. Instead of building and maintaining an internal team of front-end developers, companies choose external partners with the necessary skills and experience to perform specific tasks. Outsourcing front-end development provides companies with a number of benefits.

3 benefits of outsourcing front-end development

  • Firstly, it allows companies to focus on your core activities without being distracted by front-end development. Companies can focus on their core competencies, such as developing business strategies, marketing, or improving products.
  • Secondly, outsourcing front-end development can be financially beneficial. Turning to external specialists allows you to avoid the costs of hiring and maintaining your own team of front-end developers. This can reduce the costs of payroll, taxes and other categories associated with maintaining internal staff.
  • In addition, outsourcing front-end development provides access to highly qualified specialists who already have experience working on projects in various industries. This can speed up the development process and provide better results.
Companies turn to outsourcing front-end development for various reasons and purposes. Some of these include a lack of internal resources, the need to scale quickly, access to specialized knowledge and experience, cost reduction and increased competitiveness in the market.

Next – about our services and specialists.

About Us

Brivian is a company specializing in front-end development outsourcing, and we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in this field. Our goal is to help our clients and partners create attractive and functional user experiences that meet their needs and attract users.

Since 2014, we have offered a wide range of front-end development services, including the development of responsive web pages and web applications, the creation of interactive elements, and performance optimization. Our team consists of experienced and highly skilled developers who closely follow the latest trends and best practices in the front-end development industry.


We approach each project individually, taking into account the goals and needs of our clients and partners. We provide quality work on time, ensuring transparency and openness in the entire process. Our company is ready to provide assistance on any scale of the project – from small tasks to full development of a user interface for large web platforms.

You can contact us here.

Outsourced front-end development services

Our company provides a wide range of outsourced front-end development services to help our clients and partners create high-quality and innovative user experiences. Below are some of our specific services:

1. User interface development

We create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces reflecting the client’s goals and needs. Our team has a deep understanding of visual design and ergonomics to create interfaces that are pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

2. Adaptive and responsive layout

We develop web pages, mobile and web applications, IPs that work perfectly on different devices and screens. Our team specializes in creating adaptive and responsive interfaces that automatically adjust to screen size and provide optimal display and functionality.

3. Interactive elements and animations

We create interactive elements such as drop-down menus, sliders, pop-ups and others to enrich the user experience and make the interface more attractive. We also introduce animations that add liveliness and impact to the user experience.

4. Performance optimization

We ensure high performance of web pages, web applications and other software, paying attention to optimizing content loading, minimizing requests to the server and optimizing interface speed. We follow modern performance optimization practices to ensure a fast and responsive experience.

5. Testing and Debugging

We test and debug the developed interface to ensure its quality and compliance with the requirements. We pay attention to identifying and correcting any errors or inconsistencies to ensure a smooth interface.

Our front-end developer stack and levels

Our team of outsourced Frontend developers offers a wide stack of technologies and tools for creating high-quality user interfaces.

Our front-end development technology stack – part 1:

Programming languages
We are proficient in JavaScript and TypeScript, which are used for dynamic development and creation of interactive user interfaces.
Frameworks and libraries
We have experience with tools such as React Native, HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Next.js, Redux, Backbone.js, JQuery, GraphQL, WebRTC, Styled Components, Mobx, Apollo and React Query.
CSS preprocessors
We use Sass to provide flexibility and efficiency in styling.
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
We help create progressive web applications that can work offline and have functionality similar to native applications.
We place great emphasis on creating experiences that are accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.
Adaptive design
We create web pages and web applications that can adapt to different devices and screens.

The levels of front-end developers in our team are higher on the stack:

  • Middle: Developers at the Middle level have sufficient experience in the front-end field and master the basic technologies and tools necessary to create high-quality interfaces.
  • Senior: Developers at the Senior level have deep knowledge and experience in front-end development. They have a wide range of skills, including advanced technologies and practices.
  • Lead: Developers at the Lead level have many years of experience and expertise in front-end development. They are able to manage projects, coordinate team work, and make key technical decisions.

Our front-end development technology stack – part 2:

Programming languages
We speak languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js), C#, Python, giving us the opportunity to implement a wide range of tasks.
Frameworks and tools
We have experience working with popular frameworks and tools such as Django, .Net Framework, Spring Framework, Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS, Hadoop, Spark.
We work with various databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Aerospike, HBase, Cassandra.
Other technologies
We also have experience with Elasticsearch, WebRTC and other tools that can be useful in Frontend development.

Front-end developer levels in our team on this stack:

  • Middle: Developers at the Middle level possess the basic skills and technologies for successful work in front-end development.
  • Senior: Developers at the Senior level have extensive experience in front-end development and have deep skills in a variety of technologies.
  • Lead/Architect: Developers at the Lead/Architect level have a high level of expertise and are able to lead project development, make key technical decisions and ensure architectural integrity.
For clarity, we reflected the data on the specialists of our team in the table. 🙂

Front-end development services for outsourcing/out-staffing

Stack JavaScript/TypeScript, React Native, HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Next.js, Redux, Backbone.js, JQuery, GraphQL, WebRTC, Styled Components, Mobx, Apollo, React Query, Sass, PWA, Accessibility, Adaptive C++, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js), C#, Python, stl, boost, gtest, gmock, Django, .Net Framework, Spring Framework, Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS, Hadoop, Spark, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Aerospike, HBase, Cassandra, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, WebRTC
Levels Middle, Senior, Lead Middle, Senior, Lead/Architect

We guarantee the quality of work of our front-end developers and ensure compliance with the requirements of our clients at all levels of development. Our team is ready to take on new challenges and help you achieve your goals.

Contact us here, please. 🙂

Our front-end developers are constantly improving and following new trends to provide the most modern and innovative solutions for our clients and partners.


Benefits of working with us

1. High quality work

We strive for a high standard of quality in everything we do. Our development team has deep knowledge and experience in front-end development, which allows us to create innovative and high-quality user interfaces. We attach great importance to detail and take care of every aspect of the job.

2. Meeting deadlines

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines in software development. We always strive to complete projects on time to ensure smooth operation of our clients’ software and take into account their limitations and requirements. We communicate regularly with our clients to establish transparency and alert them to possible risks or delays.

3. Flexibility and adaptability

We understand that every project is different and requires an individual approach. We are ready to adapt to client needs and requirements, providing flexible solutions and the ability to scale. We are open to feedback and changes during the development process to meet customer needs and expectations.

4. Efficiency and process optimization

We strive for efficient operation and optimization of development processes. We use advanced methodologies and tools to speed up the development process and ensure high productivity. We focus on requirements gathering and analysis, planning, testing and debugging to minimize errors and ensure more predictable results.

5. Professional development team

We are proud of our development team, which consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists. We constantly improve our skills and follow the latest trends in front-end development. Our team has in-depth knowledge and expertise that allows us to provide quality solutions to our clients. Working with us is a guarantee that your project will be in good hands. We value relationships with our clients and strive to establish long-term partnerships based on mutual trust, quality of work and achieving your business goals. ​

Process of cooperation with us

1. Project assessment

At the beginning of the cooperation process, we carry out a detailed assessment of your project. We carefully study your requirements and objectives to fully understand what you want to achieve. Based on this assessment, we provide you with a price quote and project completion time frame.

2. Planning and analysis

After agreeing on the terms of cooperation, we begin planning and analyzing the project. We identify resource needs, draw up a work plan and develop an implementation strategy. At this point we also discuss any additional requirements or changes that may arise.

3. Development and testing

As the project progresses, our developers begin work on creating the front-end interface. We follow development best practices such as Agile or Scrum to ensure more agile and efficient development. We communicate with you regularly throughout the development process, providing updates on progress and resolution of potential issues. Once development is complete, we conduct testing to ensure quality and compliance.

4. Review and adjustment

After development is completed, we provide you with a demo version of the product for your review and feedback. We work closely with you to make any necessary adjustments and improvements. Your opinion is very important to us, and we strive to ensure that we meet your expectations as much as possible.

5. Completion and support

As the project is completed, we deliver the final version of the interface, ready for deployment and use. We also offer post-launch support to ensure stability and fix any bugs or issues that may arise.

Communication during development

In the process of cooperation, we use different communication channels to ensure effective interaction:

Video conferences

We can organize video conferences to discuss the project, provide updates and reviews. This allows us to establish personal contact and communicate in real time.


We use email to exchange important information, documents and answer questions. This allows for asynchronous communication and persistence of records for reverse lookup.

Project management systems

We may use specialized project management systems such as Jira or Trello to track project progress, manage tasks, and share comments.


We use instant messengers for quick communication and resolving more urgent issues or agreeing on details. We value open communication and are ready to provide you with convenient and effective communication channels during the cooperation process. We try to be flexible and offer communication according to your preferences and needs for the best result.

Formats of cooperation and agreements

Our company offers different formats and options for cooperation in the field of front-end development to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and partners.

1. Project cooperation

You can cooperate with us on a project basis when you have a specific project that needs to be implemented. We work on your project from start to finish, ensuring the development of the front-end interface in accordance with the requirements and deadlines.

2. Long-term cooperation

If you have ongoing needs for front-end interface development, we are ready to offer long-term cooperation. In this case, we become your reliable partners and provide a permanent team of developers who will work on your projects over a long period of time.

3. Team expansion

If you have your own development team and need to expand it, we can provide our front-end developers to help you strengthen your team. We integrate into the partner’s or client’s team, agree on work processes and tasks in order to work effectively in one team.

Contracts and legal aspects

When collaborating, we enter into agreements with our clients and partners to ensure mutual understanding and protection of the interests of both parties. Depending on the specific requirements and conditions of the project, we can offer the following types of contracts:

Development agreement

This is a typical contract that sets out the obligations and responsibilities of the parties regarding the development of the front-end interface. It determines the timing, cost, intellectual property and other terms of cooperation.

Non-disclosure agreement

If it is necessary to ensure the confidentiality or protection of your information resources, we may enter into a non-disclosure agreement. It obliges us to maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure of information related to your project.

Intellectual Property Agreement

If intellectual property is a key aspect of the project, we may enter into an agreement that defines the rights to the intellectual property created as part of the collaboration. When concluding an agreement, we always take into account legal aspects and strive to ensure transparency and protection of the rights and interests of our clients and partners. We can also discuss specific legal aspects related to your project and contract to suit your needs and requirements on an individual basis.

The most important

High-quality front-end software plays an important role in achieving success and attracting users. It creates a positive impression, increases satisfaction and improves the user experience. Companies that focus on developing a high-quality front-end experience a number of benefits, including increased competitiveness and improved user trust.


We are ready to help you implement your front-end development projects. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs and requirements. We are ready to provide advice and help you make the best decision.

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