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How to Create a Video Chat App That People Want to Use
08 AUG 2022

Over the past two years, the popularity of video calling applications has doubled. People use video chats for work meetings, daily communication, for learning purposes. During the pandemic, organizations and users had to switch to a remote work format urgently, and video chats became a kind of salvation for those who were locked at home. Now we do not have to comply with a strict lockdown, but the habit of making video calls has remained with us.

In this article, we will figure out how to create a video chat app that will work properly and be pleasant to use. Keep reading!

Video chat app market: statistics & perspectives

As we said, video chat apps have skyrocketed during the pandemic. 70% of people believe that the pandemic has changed their work processes forever. One of the reasons why it happened is remote work. Thanks to video calling applications, it was possible to send all employees home. Every single employer relied on tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype to keep their business going.

  Relevant statistics about Zoom that help to create a video chat app

Relevant statistics about Zoom and its profit.

The chart clearly shows how the Zoom app exploded in popularity in the second quarter of 2020. It was at the time that a global lockdown began in the world: everyone who could transfer work to a remote format did it. 

But the popularity of video chat apps didn’t stop growing once the pandemic subsided. In 2021, the Zoom and Google Meet apps went up over 20 percent year-over-year. Due to the popularity of Zoom, Skype downloads fell, and when the pandemic subsided, the Houseparty app lost popularity. It means that now it’s better to focus on different purposes of apps and build different types of video chats. Moreover, according to Global Market Insights Inc., the videoconferencing market is expected to surpass $50 billion by 2026.

  Video call platform market share statistics that will help to create a video chat app There are about half a billion users of video chat applications worldwide. The most popular of all is Zoom, it has 300 million users. In second place is Microsoft Teams with 75 million users. In third place is Google Meet. This application is used by 20 million people.

Such statistics indicate that now is the time to make a video chat app. The market is constantly evolving, and even young apps like Zoom can only replace proven ones thanks to a killer feature. Don’t miss the opportunity to build a video chat app. And to know how to do it, read on.

Types of video chat apps

To create a video chat app, it is important to know what kinds of such applications exist. Each type has its own target audience and its own goals. Some apps are suitable for daily communication but not suitable for large group calls. There are three types of video chat apps in total. Now we’ll tell you.

🔴 Conferencing app

Conference apps are well suited for business or educational purposes. They can be used by companies, universities, schools, startups, or even just a group of people doing a project together. Such an application should have a very high image and sound quality, as well as the ability to connect up to 500 people at the same time.

When the pandemic hit, it was conference apps gained popularity quickly. Companies urgently switched to a remote work format, so they often used these tools. We have already talked about Zoom, which has seen a 100% increase in popularity. However, it didn’t come without problems. After a while, it turned out that Zoom didn’t use end-to-end encryption, and user data was at risk. Don’t repeat Zoom’s mistakes. Keep an eye on security from the first stage of development.

  Zoom interface that you can consider to make a video chat app

Zoom with its interface is a good example of a conferencing app.

🔴 Everyday conversation app 

Daily communication apps include calling apps that have a video call feature. Such a product is good because you do not need to install a separate application to call friends or family. The interface in such applications is usually quite intuitive because it is aimed at a wide audience of different ages.

Good examples of such applications are WhatsApp and FaceTime. The first is suitable for any operating system, and the second is developed by Apple and installed by default on all their devices. In these applications, it is convenient to chat with friends or even gather a small company of people. For example, in WhatsApp, up to 4 people can participate in one call, and in FaceTime up to 32.

  FaceTime interface that you can consider to make a video chat app

FaceTime with its interface is a good example of an everyday conversation app.

🔴 Entertainment app 

Some video chat apps are built to beat boredom. The peculiarity of such applications is that, in addition to the usual function of video and audio calls, there are some extra ones. For example, Discord is perfect for gamers — there you can create chats, call up video and audio, and stream online games.

Another popular app from the ‘pandemic era’ is Rave. Here, users can watch a movie together. There is a chat where friends can discuss online what is happening in the film. The platform syncs with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and YouTube. So if users have subscriptions to these services, they have a variety of content to share.

Rave interface that you can consider to make a video chat app

Rave with its interface is a good example of an entertainment app.

Technical stack for video chat apps at Brivian

After you have decided on the type of video chat application, you need to choose a technology stack for development.

For the front-end development of video chat apps, we use React, Angular, JavaScript, SAAS, and HTML5. For the backend, we use the following technologies: C# and Node.js. When it comes to mobile app development, Objective-C and Swift are used for iOS and Kotlin and Java for Android OS. Using React Native, we can create a mobile app for both operating systems. 

An important part of a video chat app is security. To make calls safe, we use encryption protocols AES-256 (symmetric key cipher, which uses the same secret key for both encryption and decryption) and HMAC-SHA-256 (encrypts the data into small parts of 256 bits.)

Essential video chat features

A video chat app is very similar to regular phone calls. In addition to hearing from another person, you can also see them. Many video chat apps also provide some additional services, including video sharing or group video calls. What other features are important for a video chat application? Let’s take a look at this block.

⚫️ Login page

Registration is the first feature of the video chat app. Unlike other types of applications, video chat does not require mandatory registration. For example, you can join a Zoom conference without logging in. Simply enter the name that will be displayed on the screen. Take note of this feature if you want to make using your application as fast as possible.

But don’t forget to add the ability to register! Add several registration methods: via email, social networks, and phone numbers. The more login options are in your app, the more users are willing to do it.

⚫️ Contact list

Like any calling app, the video chat app needs to have a list of contacts. First, it is important to make a convenient search for the added contacts. This is necessary so that customers quickly find the desired number/nickname/real name. Secondly, you can add the “invite a friend” function. So the user of the video chat will be able to send a link to someone who does not use your application yet and invite them to register.

⚫️ Audio and video calls

And now about the main thing — video and audio calls. This tip may sound too obvious, but the video chat app should have video calls. Make sure that the image and sounds during the video calls are of high quality.

It should also be possible to make a group call. The number of people who can connect to the call at the same time depends on your target audience. If a business works with educational institutions and small businesses, it’s enough to limit calls to 50 people. And if the clients are large companies, it is better to expand the opportunity to 1000 people at the same time.

As for audio calls, they also need to be added to the application. Mobile communication is now quite expensive, but calling through applications is almost free. Don’t forget about good sound quality, user-friendly interface, and stable connection even with poor internet.

  To create a video chat app, pay attention to how the interface looks like in the picture

An example of the interface for a calling screen of a video chat app with a faceless avatar.

⚫️ Text chats

Text chat in a video chat app? What? Yes! Just imagine that during a group call, the Internet connection deteriorated. In this case, text chat comes to the rescue. People can also use it to take notes during a business meeting or send funny pictures to each other in an informal conversation.

⚫️ Recording and demonstration of the screen

During a video call, users should be able to record what is happening on the screen. Of course, all participants in this call should be aware that the recording is in progress. You can use a push notification to alert them. And the administrator of a group call can prevent screen recording, for example, when participants discuss confidential information.

The same goes for screen sharing. Users should be able to show a presentation or display a list of questions on the screen during a video call. This feature can also be controlled by whoever initiates the call, or by all users.

⚫️ Safety 

We always tell our customers: safety is paramount. Use end-to-end encryption for video and audio calls. End-to-end encryption is a method of data transmission in which only the users participating in the communication have access to messages. Thus, the use of end-to-end encryption does not allow access to cryptographic keys by third parties.

  The scheme of how end-to-end encryption works that help you to create a video chat app

The scheme of how end-to-end encryption works.

⚫️ Your killer feature

Here you have space for creativity. Come up with a new feature that your competitors don’t have yet and implement it in your video chat app. The killer feature will help attract more users to the product and stand out from other video-calling apps.


Creating a video chat app from scratch in 2022 is no easy task. You need to think about how to stand out from competitors and attract users. To do this, you need to work with a narrow target audience or offer an improved user experience to a wide range of customers.

If you want to not just build a video chat app, but also make a competent launch, write to us. At Brivian, we will help to analyze the market, calculate the price of the project, come up with a high-quality UI/UX design and develop an app on a proven technology stack. Just contact us!

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