We Are Team Brivian

We develop web and mobile applications in fintech, medicine, real estate, and e-commerce niches. In our projects, we use advanced technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence.

We are currently looking for talented and skillful developers to help our clients quickly achieve their goals. Our clients are young startups, medium-sized businesses, and big entrepreneurs from Western Europe and North America. At Brivian, we provide the right resources and space for professional growth.
We offer our teammates our own path of development in the company and opportunities for growth in the following areas:
System and business analysis
React Native
QA (Automatic and manual)
Current Vacancies
IOS developer
Salary: to $ 3000 USD after taxesRequired experience: 1-3 years
What you need:
  • Experience in commercial development with Swift
  • Knowledge of design patterns
  • Experience in developing client-server applications
  • Knowledge of mvvm/rx/alamofire
System Analyst
Salary: to $ 3100 USD after taxesRequired experience: 1-3 years
What you need:
  • Tech documentation development skills (FT, TK, Testing Methods, etc.)
  • Experience in supporting - analysis and localization of errors in the work of software/IS
  • Experience in developing and negotiating business requirements
  • Skills in graphical description of business processes and integration interactions. For example, in the form of BPMN or UML diagrams
  • Experience with SQL (SELECT and JOIN)
  • Experience in working out integrations on SOAP or REST requests
  • Understanding the principles of microservice architecture and how it differs from monolithic architecture
  • Knowledge of agile development methodologies (agile, scrum, kanban or similar practices)
  • Experience in database design
Main tasks:
  • Collection, analysis, and formalization of business and functional requirements
  • Development and approval of technical specifications
  • Development of the basic architecture of solutions, - coordination with the IT architect
  • Setting tasks for developers (contractors)
  • Configuring and validating test environments
  • Functional testing control
  • Participation in the audit and quality control of solutions
  • Participation in the support of solutions — analysis and localization of errors in the work of software/IS
Java Developer
Salary: to $ 3100 USD after taxesRequired experience: 1-3 years
What you need:
  • experience in commercial development with Java from a year
  • experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • experience with Spring Framework, Spring Boot
  • experience with systems built on microservice architecture
  • experience with message queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS)
  • experience with Git, Gitflow
  • experience with agile development methodology (Agile, Scrum, Kanban);
  • experience with ORM (Hibernate, MyBatis)
  • experience with non-relational databases (Redis, MongoDB);
  • experience with highly loaded systems
Android developer
Salary: to $ 3100 USD after taxesRequired experience: 1-3 years
What you need:
  • Knowledge of Java/Kotlin
  • Commercial Android development experience from 2 years
  • Knowledge of programming patterns
  • Application design and architecture development skills
  • Skills of working with databases and client-server architecture (REST API)
  • Understanding CI/CD
  • Ability to write unit-tests
QA engineer
Salary: to $ 2500 USD after taxesRequired experience: 3-6 years
What you need:
  • At least 2 years experience in testing (from drafts of technical specifications to reporting on the current state of the system and potential risks)
  • Experience in testing SOAP, REST, understanding XML and JSON
  • Experience in testing high-load systems on a microservice architecture
  • Experience with defect management tools
  • Experience working in a cross-functional team
  • Knowledge of test design
  • Manual testing of Web application / IOS / Android
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Skill to work with Jira, Confluence
  • Skill to draw up checklists and test cases
  • Skill to work with a sniffer (Charles / Fiddler / etc)
  • Skill to work with testing / debugging tools for web services (SoapUI, Postman, Swagger UI)
What will you do?
  • Design and maintain up-to-date test documentation
  • Deal with the analysis, detailing, and establishment of defects
  • API testing, manual testing of Android, iOS, web applications