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Using our strong development expertise, we make our clients’ ideas real. We develop web and mobile apps, integrate cutting edge technologies into products and provide consultations on IT projects.

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We deliver our expertise through:
Outsourcing development

Run your project from idea to release and provide our staff for your projects

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DevOps services

Help you produce reliable products fast using DevOps practices and tools

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Protect your networks, systems, and data from digital attacks

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Our Process

​​Our web and mobile app development company leads your project from zero to hero.

Discuss your idea

At this stage, we set up the first meeting with you to get acquainted, talk about the future project and discuss the details. Then we offer solutions based on your requirements and budget.

Do business analysis

To better understand the essence and details of the project, our business analysts and tech specialists make a thorough review to prioritize features and define the scope. We describe features through user stories — this method allows us to focus on users’ needs and estimate the project more precisely.

Make an offer and sign an SLA

When the quote is ready, we arrange a kickoff meeting with you to talk about how the work will proceed and introduce you to the project manager and development team. After that, we sign an SLA where we prescribe terms and conditions. With the document you’ll know exactly what you pay for.

Make UI/UX design

Based on user stories, our web and mobile app development company works the app logic through — we make mindmaps and wireframes to show the connections between screens of the app. Then we collect your references and add colors, fonts, animations. After that, we make a demo call and show what we’ve done. When the presentation is successful we design all the features of the app.

Develop your product

Then we finally start CODING. Our frontend developers work on the interactive part of the app, and backend devs are responsible for the server part. We use SCRUM to manage projects — it allows us to develop the product piece-by-piece and show you the results of each sprint.

Test it

From about the middle of the development process, we involve QA engineers in the work to find all possible errors and bugs. They do this by running the same script with different settings, on different devices. Also, we test products manually at the end of each sprint.

Release your product

When the product is finished, we release the app to AppStore and GooglePlay. The app will be uploaded to the stores from your accounts — this way you’ll be able, for example, to manage paid subscriptions in the app on your own. We know all possible rejection reasons and make sure that your app is submitted to both stores.

Support after release

The work doesn`t end once the app is loaded in stores. Our web and mobile app development company offers post-release app support to all clients. If users request new features or you need to quickly fix bugs after updates, we’ve got you covered.

Computer Vision

This technology allows companies to handle images and videos from cameras, scanners and other visual inputs. Computer vision helps to determine objects on the image, classify and analyze them. Using this technology startups and enterprise owners can automate work processes.

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What our clients say
Picture of the author
Roman Chistyakov
Founder of SAORSA startup

We worked with web and mobile app development company Brivian on the Saorsa project. The team was very good at communicating, responsive and friendly during the whole project. At all stages of development, the guys showed intermediate results and offered their solutions. Team took care to make the app convenient for the end user. They have extensive experience in mobile development and know many nuances which the startupper may not know about. This was very helpful.

Picture of the author
Derek Distenfield
COO, CFO & Co-founder of Gsdvs

I came with a cryptocurrency app request and Brivian was the perfect solution to build the utmost viable platform. They deliver excellent quality services and are customer-friendly. The team`s commitment to driving results and incredible technical expertise encourages long-term partnership. Highly recommend!

Our Insights

I have an app idea but don’t have much money and time. What can I do?

In this case we recommend you to start with an MVP. The main point of the MVP product — to show users the core functionality to get feedback from them. This approach allows you to enter the market faster than if you develop all the features at once.

What is your pricing model?

Our mobile app development company works on the Time & Material model. You pay only for the time the team spends working on the project. Perfect way if you didn’t come up with the feature list and not sure about your overall goals.

How much money do I need for an MVP?

We can say that development of an average MVP will cost about $ 20k. But to determine the exact price, we need to estimate the project.

What is the cost?

First of all, our tech specialists evaluate the scope of your project. After that, according to the quote, we multiply the hours by the hourly rate of each specialist on the team.

Are you only mobile app development company?

We have much experience in web development, native mobile app development and computer vision. You can find more about it in the Our Cases block :)

Can your web and mobile app development company make a cross-platform app?

Yep! We work with React Native — a cross-platform framework that allows us to develop to both platforms faster.

Cross-platform or native mobile app development?

Both! The answer depends on your needs and budget expectations. We figure out your requirements and offer a proper solution.

How much time does web or mobile app development from scratch take?

Depends on the functionality. Usually it takes 2-4 months to develop an MVP. But if your company is an enterprise and you want to implement a lot of features — it will take time :)

If I already have a design, can I work with your mobile app development company?

Yes, if you don’t need a whole range of services, you can come to us only for the development.

Do your web and mobile app development company have any reviews?


Will your web and mobile app development company sign an NDA?

Double sure!

What if my app crashes? Who will fix bugs? Who will support my product after release?

Breathe out! We’ll be with you :)