Mobile App Audit And Web Development Audit

Our goal is not just to conduct an IT audit to drive your project in the right direction. It’s about improving your product and attracting more users, using our expertise in mobile and web development and cutting-edge technologies.

You need an IT audit service if:

01 you have development issues and want an expert’s opinion or advice
02 you want to redo something but don’t have much expertise
03 you want to increase the performance of your app

What is the IT audit process at Brivian?

You come to us with an IT audit request. Using our technical expertise we make a full review of your project.

After that, we create a checklist of things that can help you to improve it:

01 which features do you have in your app
02 what do you need to correct
03 how this will affect the result

IT consulting services reviews
Roman Chistyakov
Founder of SAORSA startup

We worked with web and mobile app development company Brivian on the Saorsa project. The team was very good at communicating, responsive and friendly during the whole project. At all stages of development, the guys showed intermediate results and offered their solutions. Team took care to make the app convenient for the end user. They have extensive experience in mobile development and know many nuances which the startupper may not know about. This was very helpful.

Derek Distenfield
COO, CFO & Co-founder of Gsdvs

I came with a cryptocurrency app request and Brivian was the perfect solution to build the utmost viable platform. They deliver excellent quality services and are customer-friendly. The team`s commitment to driving results and incredible technical expertise encourages long-term partnership. Highly recommend!


Who comes to your company for an IT audit??

Usually, enterprises request us to review their existing product. But if you are a small startup you can tell us about your idea and request to make a business analysis.

Do I need something before I request an IT audit?

Sometimes big enterprises come to us with ready-made solutions but it doesn’t work great. For example, they can`t manage the load because of high user inflow. We make a review of your product and compose a list of things that need to be corrected. It will be a plus if you come for an IT audit with a technical assignment but if you do not have it, we can draw it up as part of a consultation.

What about the price of an IT audit?

Before starting to deliver IT audit services, we provide our clients with an accurate cost estimate. We make an IT audit to understand their specific business needs and then create a roadmap. The price of IT audit services depends on the amount of work and the number of specialists needed.

Is web development audit different from mobile app audit?

The IT audit process for web and mobile applications is not very different. We involve specialists who have great expertise in your issue to conduct an IT audit.

What other services do you provide besides IT audit?

We are a web and mobile app development company with extensive AI and computer vision expertise. Apart from IT audit, you can come to us with an app idea and we can help to realize it. Or if you already have a team, we can augment it with the help of our outstaff specialists.

Why do I need IT audit and consultation?

A professional IT audit will be very helpful for the development and success of a business. With it, you can find the weak points of your product and outline the path for further development. It is especially valuable for startups to get advice from large companies. So we can transfer our experience of running a business to young entrepreneurs in the format of an IT audit.

What is the most common IT audit requests that clients come with?

Most often, our clients are faced with the following situations:
- find problems that stop the company from growing and achieving higher profits
- want to know how to scale their business
- find gaps in business processes that increase costs and don’t give the needed results

How can I be sure my project and its data will be kept confidential?

To put your mind at rest that your project and your data will not be stolen, we sign an NDA. This way, you will not be afraid of data leakage during the IT audit process.