Reduce release time and costs with the use of our DevOps consulting services. We help businesses of all sizes achieve high efficiency in development and build products of better quality.

Our services:
Mobile App Development

We can develop two platform-specific apps for iOS and Android or one app that works equally on both — it all depends on your needs and budget expectations.

Web Development

We think about scalability in advance and carefully choose the technology stack for web applications and websites.

Computer Vision

This technology allows applications to analyze visual data which can help companies from any industry optimize processes.

DevOps Services

We help you increase the speed and the quality of development and release products faster by automating processes.

DevOps Consulting Process


Analyze your product delivery process and environment


Find strengths and weaknesses


Create a roadmap for recommended improvements


Provide our assistance

DevOps Consulting Insights
What our clients say
Picture of the author
Roman Chistyakov
Founder of SAORSA startup

We worked with web and mobile app development company Brivian on the Saorsa project. The team was very good at communicating, responsive and friendly during the whole project. At all stages of development, the guys showed intermediate results and offered their solutions. Team took care to make the app convenient for the end user. They have extensive experience in mobile development and know many nuances which the startupper may not know about. This was very helpful.

Picture of the author
Derek Distenfield
COO, CFO & Co-founder of Gsdvs

I came with a cryptocurrency app request and Brivian was the perfect solution to build the utmost viable platform. They deliver excellent quality services and are customer-friendly. The team`s commitment to driving results and incredible technical expertise encourages long-term partnership. Highly recommend!


What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices and tools that automate and integrate the processes between development and operations teams. All DevOps team members work collaboratively throughout the project, in order to increase the speed and the quality of development.

Why use DevOps consulting?

DevOps consulting helps to identify flaws in development and operations processes to reduce time and costs. For example, without DevOps, a software update takes several weeks and needs several specialists, while with DevOps it can be completed in 5 minutes by one person. DevOps consulting can help you achieve that.

How much do DevOps consulting services cost?

The price of DevOps consulting services depends on the complexity of your project and what you want to get in the result. If you decide to outsource DevOps, it will be much more expensive than just a consultation. To get a precise estimate, fill in the form below =)

What’s included in DevOps services at Brivian? Do you only deliver DevOps consulting?

We offer DevOps consulting services and outsourcing DevOps services. In the first case, we analyze your IT infrastructure, development processes, and available resources. Then we devise a DevOps implementation strategy. When you outsource DevOps, we take care of the project, and you don’t need to implement new processes in your company.

Why outsource DevOps? Is it better to outsource DevOps or to hire an in-house DevOps engineer?

Our outsourcing DevOps specialists can launch cloud migration and provide your team with the necessary tools to manage the product delivery in the cloud. We’ll collect a single cloud-hosted kit that will help your teams sustain continuous delivery, testing, and integration. This way you’ll be able to improve scalability, automation, performance, and business value without hiring new specialists. You can always request DevOps consulting and find out what fits you.

How do I know if my company needs DevOps consulting?

DevOps consulting can be the answer if you’re worried about the lack of collaboration between teams, slow software delivery, low product quality, slow process of updating, etc.

Can Agile and DevOps coexist?

Sure thing, Agile and DevOps complement each other. So, if you use agile methodology in your processes, it won’t be a problem. If you have any other questions that bother you or doubts about DevOps, just request DevOps consulting.

Does your DevOps consulting company provide development services too?

Our DevOps consulting company doesn’t only provide DevOps consulting services. We can develop mobile, desktop, and web applications, computer vision systems, and protect digital products from cyber attacks.

How can DevOps consulting help me automate development processes?

DevOps uses automation tools to get things done faster and better. But these tools are inefficient without proper implementation, that’s why you need a DevOps consulting specialist or an outsourcing DevOps engineer.

Which DevOps tools or software do you use?

Our DevOps consulting specialists and outsourcing DevOps engineers use Docker and Kubernetes most of the time. Docker is a platform that allows you to build, test, and deploy software quickly. With Docker, we can package software into containers that have everything the software needs to run: libraries, system tools, code, and runtime. The tool allows us to quickly deploy and scale applications into any environment. Kubernetes is a portable and extensible platform for managing containerized workloads and services. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem with widely available services, support, and tools.

What are the advantages of outsourcing DevOps?

Access to experienced specialists from all over the world
- High development speed without additional resources
- The project is managed on the contractor’s side
- No administrative expenses of recruiting specialists
- Better results at lower costs
Outsourcing DevOps is a perfect fit for companies that don’t have time or expertise to manage a complicated IT infrastructure but need it as soon as possible.