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Help your company to implement changes to the code quickly and safely or launch a new product, supporting the work of high-load services.

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DevOps services and solutions

Prevent your business from losing profit due to disruptions and allow you to focus on development.

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Why do you need to outsource DevOps services?

Outsource DevOps engineers will help you with development and administration departments, synchronize their efforts, and automate technical processes.

We provide

We provide DevOps services and solutions like configuration management systems, virtualization solutions, and cloud-based resource balancing tools to control all stages of product creation: from coding to release.

We help

Outsource DevOps engineers will help you with development and administration departments, synchronize their efforts, and automate technical processes.

What Does Our DevOps Services Company Do?
Configure servers and automatically manage their configurations

Create and configure virtual containers to quickly launch the required software

Set up automatic code testing

Organize the integration and delivery of code to production

Manage databases

What our clients say
Roman Chistyakov
Founder of SAORSA startup

We worked with web and mobile app development company Brivian on the Saorsa project. The team was very good at communicating, responsive and friendly during the whole project. At all stages of development, the guys showed intermediate results and offered their solutions. Team took care to make the app convenient for the end user. They have extensive experience in mobile development and know many nuances which the startupper may not know about. This was very helpful.

Derek Distenfield
COO, CFO & Co-founder of Gsdvs

I came with a cryptocurrency app request and Brivian was the perfect solution to build the utmost viable platform. They deliver excellent quality services and are customer-friendly. The team`s commitment to driving results and incredible technical expertise encourages long-term partnership. Highly recommend!


Who is an outsource DevOps engineer?

An outsource DevOps engineer is a programmer with experience in developing, testing, launching, and maintaining IT products, and communication skills. Their task is to speed up and optimize development.

What does a DevOps services company mean?

Outsource DevOps is formed from two words: development and operations. Globally, outsource DevOps is an approach or a set of principles that are used in the development of sites, applications, and various services. This approach helps facilitate the communication between the development team and the implementation and operations team.

Why is it necessary to hire a DevOps services company?

DevOps services company automates build testing, deployment, and production. It helps your company to implement changes to the code quickly and safely or launch a new product. DevOps services company supports the operation of high-load services. To outsource DevOps process to experienced company will help your business to save profit despite the disruptions and don’t lose the development quality.

What are DevOps development services?

DevOps development services will help you to:

- manage interactions between servers, storage, network, and virtualization software
- helps to apply best cybersecurity practices
- manage resources to cope with business workloads at the lowest cost
- provides 24/7 support

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Any examples of what a DevOps services company does?

For example, it helps to automate the deployment process of the code. This helps avoid bugs and site issues during code updates.

What else do DevOps services companies do?

Create a virtual machine and run it
- Deploy a failover cluster, initialize Docker Swarm on one of the servers
- Configure servers using Ansible pre-built module sets. Create and configure ELK
- Build CI/CD Pipeline in Jenkins, Teamcity, Gitlab
- Deploy and configure TICK stack: Telegraf, InfluxDB6, Chronograf6, Kapacitor, add metrics monitoring: standard and Docker
- Build a postmortem based on a real Github crash
- Configure Network Neighborhood and Create Virtual Machines in the Cloud
- Configure DNS and route requests
- Connect cloud infrastructures to on-premises infrastructure

What is the main task of DevOps services company?

The main task of outsource DevOps is to make sure that there is as much automation as possible and that it really accelerates development.

How does your DevOps services company use Docker?

We use Docker to optimize application deployment and management. If you are interested in integrating outsource DevOps into your business processes, you will need experts from successful Docker projects. This allows you to deliver and integrate solutions automatically and consumes minimal resources.

What are the advantages of outsource DevOps services?

Outsource DevOps practices enable companies to deliver products with shorter development cycles, higher deployment rates, and more reliable releases in line with business goals quickly and efficiently.

Which companies are interested in outsource DevOps services?

Regardless of size and income for every organization from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, outsource DevOps is needed to break the silos between operations teams.