We are a cybersecurity company that:
Looks For Vulnerabilities

Prevents Threats

Ensures The Security Of IT Systems

What Are Cybersecurity Services?
Cybersecurity services are a set of measures that help protect systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. More and more companies are moving online, and more information needs to be protected. This is why cybersecurity services are in high demand. Our task as a cybersecurity company is to anticipate cyberattacks and minimize their consequences.
Cybersecurity services that we provide
01Threat search engine

Complex cybersecurity services solutions to protect the corporate network, search for threats, and respond to even the most complex cyberattacks.

02Penetration Testing

We model cyber attacks to assess the security of computer systems.

03Threat Analysis

Ready to use cybersecurity services solutions to track and prevent attacks before they appear.


We monitor and respond to incidents as quickly as possible to completely eliminate the threat to your system.

As a cybersecurity company, we include and support cybersecurity systems in
Public sector
Cybersecurity services stages


Threat Intelligence

Scope of work and system analysis


Search for vulnerability

Instrumental and system analysis and attack processing



Cyber attack modeling and analysis of their consequences



Description of the detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination



Systematization of possible attacks and vulnerabilities

What our clients say
Roman Chistyakov
Founder of SAORSA startup

We worked with web and mobile app development company Brivian on the Saorsa project. The team was very good at communicating, responsive and friendly during the whole project. At all stages of development, the guys showed intermediate results and offered their solutions. Team took care to make the app convenient for the end user. They have extensive experience in mobile development and know many nuances which the startupper may not know about. This was very helpful.

Derek Distenfield
COO, CFO & Co-founder of Gsdvs

I came with a cryptocurrency app request and Brivian was the perfect solution to build the utmost viable platform. They deliver excellent quality services and are customer-friendly. The team`s commitment to driving results and incredible technical expertise encourages long-term partnership. Highly recommend!


Why do I need cybersecurity services?

Strong security strategy provides protection from access to personal and corporate information and loss of confidentiality. Cybersecurity also helps in preventing attacks aimed at shutting down or disrupting the entire system.

How much do cybersecurity services cost?

The cost of cybersecurity services depends on the complexity of your request: whether you need a one-time service like an audit or consultation, testing your product and finding security flaws, or full development of a cybersecurity system. To get an accurate quote, fill in the form below.

Why can't you give me an estimate of the cybersecurity services right away?

Before estimating the cost of the project, you need to conduct a preparatory stage. Conduct business analysis, plan the scope of work, and outline the roadmap. Thus, it will be possible to prevent mistakes in future development. Because failure at this stage will inevitably lead to the less efficient and more time-consuming implementation of your project.

What is cybersecurity risk management?

Cybersecurity risk management is a process in order to identify, analyze and eliminate cybersecurity threats. This process can be divided into 4 stages:

- risk identification
- risk assessment
- determination of the risk reduction method
- analysis of controls

Why is cybersecurity risk management important?

It is important to reach out to cybersecurity companies for risk assessments. This allows you to find weak spots that could compromise the security of your entire company. After this stage, it is easy to determine how to deal with these risks and minimize them.

Do you do cybersecurity consulting services?

We provide cybersecurity consulting services in a format that suits you. At the presale stage, we find out the requirements and details of your request and offer the most suitable solution for it.

What problems are cybersecurity services fighting against?

Cybersecurity services issues can be divided into three groups:

- Threats — unauthorized access to the product. These are usually cyberattacks, configuration glitches, or simple human errors.
- Vulnerabilities — weak places in an IT system that can be exploited by sources of threats.
- Consequences — adverse results of attackers exploiting vulnerabilities in your system.

What else can I get from your cybersecurity company?

The Brivian team is a full-cycle web and mobile application development agency. We provide development, design, testing, and project management services to businesses of all sizes.